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SonicWALL NSA240 Overview

The SonicWALL NSA 240 is a next-generation Unified Threat Management platform.

Firewall inspection throughput 600Mbps.
Application Inspection 195Mbps.
PS Throughput 195Mbps.
Anti-malware inspection 115Mbps.
VPN Throughput 180Mbps.
Connections per second 2,000/sec
Site to Site VPN Tunnels 25
IPSec VPN Clients 25 MAX Maximum
SSL VPN Licenses 15 Maximum 

NSA Series Firewalls

The NSA 240 Series firewalls act as the first line of network defense against viruses, Trojans, key-loggers and other application layer attacks, without compromising network performance. Management is simplified by consolidating many functions, including network security, remote access, Gateway Anti-Malware, Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control and Content Filtering Service.

Dell SonicWALL’s patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® engine combined with Dell SonicWALL’s NSA 240 dual-core security platform is capable of inspecting hundreds of thousands of connections simultaneously across all ports. 


Part of the UTM equation is gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware and intrusion prevention built into the NSA, and TZ family of gateway appliances. This robust level of protection offers real-time security against a wide variety of exploits, including software vulnerabilities and all types of malicious code. 

You get the highest level of security possible, and are protected from not only external attacks, but against those that start from within the network as well.

The NSA 240 unit is a nice unit which works properly in a smaller expanding corporate structure where the addition of new satellite offices will be going on line and site to site VPN tunnels secure your satellite offices with units like the SOHO or a TZ205.


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