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Implementing One of the GraphOn Technology’s Business Models Today Can Save Your Company Money Now as Well as Over an Extended Time.

GO-Global Private Cloud

Graphon Server Software

Cost cutting helps your bottom line and you don’t have to spend much to make it happen. GraphOn cuts your IT spending and increases your work efficiency.

GraphOn provides fast data throughput without replacing all of your workstation hardware. Save big money on workstation software updates by installing and using GO-Global software on your server. 

Graphon GO-Global
Understanding The Technology

Today things have gone full circle with Technology. Over 20 years ago data and applications were placed on central servers under the Unix and Main Frame environments and now in today’s world it is now going back to that idea. Cloud computing is just a BUZZ word used as a sales tool by people who barely understand anything about technology.

Even the phrase “In The Cloud” was used by telephone companies in the old days. The phrase “In The Cloud” has now been reborn and excepted as some kind of new technology.

Other names for Cloud Computing can also be called “Thin Client Technology”.  So the question is, what is it really and how does it work?

To answer this question we look back in the early 90’s and there was one widely known product that was used to remote control a workstation over a 33KB modem phone connection and its name was PC Anywhere.

The data and applications are left on the computer you access and then only the keyboard strokes and graphics are moved between the “Host” machine and the computer accessing the Host.

Using that concept you will not require large amounts of bandwidth to run applications remotely because the packets of data moving between the host computer and the remote computer will be miniscule.

Other methods of low bandwidth connections long ago have been made using Unix and mainframes central servers. Programs were written using TEXT not graphics and these programs were placed on a Unix server or mainframe.

Every Dumb Terminal in your building would connect to a server or group of servers. There was no OS loaded on the terminals. The programs ran fast and were secure because there was no way to get the data off the central server and the stations the users ran had no drives and they had no data stored on them.

Once again the Dumb Terminal transfers only keyboard and graphics to and from the servers the data and applications stay on the server and never move to a workstation.

What Makes One Cloud Technology
Better Then The Other?

The cost of the license to use the technology.

The amount of time it takes to implement the technology.

The number of operating system platforms that the technology can be deployed on.

The ability to support all types of printers when running on the Cloud or Thin Client platform.

The ability to quickly deploy and run clusters of servers.

Performance Tested

Graphon’s GO-Global Technology can be deployed on multiple platforms allowing all of your applications from these platforms to be accessed where required seamlessly with excellent performance. 

Remote or Local Computers Accessing UNIX - Linux and Windows Applications

You can web enable applications without writing web code. This technology allows an existing application to become web enabled for internal or external users of your company.


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