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Local Area - Wide Area and Enterprise Terminal Server Network Solutions


We have the most comprehensive, up to date network solutions for your business, no matter how big or small it may be. Networking has come a long way and the technology is always expanding at an almost exponential rate.

Text Box: Employees need to be able to communicate, share knowledge, and work together in an optimally productive network environment.
Text Box: Flexible and serviceable 2U rack-optimized platform for performance-intensive and storage-demanding solutions
Text Box: The 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ processor MP includes Intel NetBurst® Microarchitecture, Hyper-Threading technology

Enterprise Networking Solutions


We will customize a system specific to your needs so getting set up with a custom computer system is as easy as a phone call to us. We will begin assembling your system as soon as you order it using our vast availability of quality components. When you have The Forbes Corporation assemble it, there is no need to worry about your system, which will enable you to obtain new business and service your existing clients. We have created hundreds of custom systems for many companies, so give us the opportunity to assemble and customize systems for your company. All modern platforms such as UNIX, NetWare, Windows and Linux are available for operating system bases such as Intel and Intel RAID and Blade Servers.


Let us help to provide your company with enterprise hardware solutions.  We can give your company the proper hardware combination that will provide a redundant real time load balancing system.  Let us help you by using Cluster server management solutions.  We create reduction is business costs, time savings, and greater scalability.


We can provide your company with a scalable Windows NT clustering solution and have it deployed at your site.  We can help you find the best path to migrate your system and operational data from your current system over to the Clustering server.  The Forbes Corporation can create the right solution for your company and provide the most cost effective means to do so.

For businesses seeking a cost effective server solution for entry level applications and server appliances.  We specialize in selecting the proper hardware with mirrored hard drives and power supplies.


Intel® 64 Technology will provide excellent value and performance.  The 64 Bit Platform has high end performance using the Core 2 Quad processors.  This platform is perfect for many Terminal Servers.

Today's networks offer great speed and integration so multiple users can manipulate and utilize information simultaneously without worrying about the system backing up and/or crashing. To achieve all of this, we offer an extensive variety of solutions to fit your individualized needs. We can provide you with an extensive variety of sophisticated switch, HUB solutions, repeaters, dedicated servers, RAID solutions, blade file servers, and different network topologies which all can be integrated and controlled in a common environment.

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We also offer services such as site preparation, wiring solutions, installation, optimization, training, consultation and on site services unparalleled by any other company. There are various wide area network solutions available should your company require the need for transference of data.

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