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Forbes provides total Thin Client solutions from the servers all the way down to your desktops.† We use the most advanced thin client solutions available today.† We provide the most cost effective software, hardware and services for your thin client deployment.

Let us help you to secure your network infrastructure.† We take the time to go over all of the details of how your new Application Security Server will be deployed and how it will change the way your company accesses server information.†


Securing your data with Thin Client technology is a great part of protecting years of information you have collected to run your company.† One of the biggest challenges of the new millennium will be to secure your companies information from your own employees as well as secure it from outside intruders that attempt to break through a firewall.† In today's world of micro data storage its hard to know if your data is walking out the door of your company from your own employees.† More and more companies are facing great challenges to secure their data properly preventing data theft.

Years ago all data in a business was centralized and dumb terminals were the desktops.† Dumb Terminals did not allow a user to move data off the server to any drives or remote computers but now days its just the opposite and your companies data is all over and you donít even know where all your data has been placed.† In todayís Windows Server environment your data is at risk from being stolen by your own employees as well as other outside data thieves.† In todayís new world, data has become extremely valuable when itís resold to sources outside your companyís reach.† Thirty years ago if an employee wanted to steal your mailing list it would take enormous print outs of information and piles of paper making it unrealistic for an employee to copy all of the information and take it out of your building.† Today all it takes is a high capacity USB Thumb Drive and one single employee can extract all of your data in less then a minute walk out the door of your company and you wonít even know your data is gone.


If someone takes a lamp off your desk you can see that the lamp you were using is gone but when data is stolen it is simply copied and you have no knowledge that a crime against your company has been committed.† When you change your data environment to our Diskless PXE Boot Dumb Terminals your protecting your information and reducing the risk that someone can steal your information.† No company can guarantee your data will never be stolen from your company but you should take every precaution to make sure your information stays in your company and doesnít leave without your consent.


Our Thin Client Security Solutions can provide your company with a cost effective platform to reduce data theft from employees and non-employees alike. We specialize in secure thin client solutions and centralized data deployments that we have implemented and tested.



Helping You Understand Thin Client Technology and How it Works.



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